So you’ve found some tunes, how do you bring them to the table?

Once you’ve gathered a handful of music that you would like to use in your game how do you go about serving it up?

Before the existence of Google Home/Echo (Alexa) /SONOS I don’t believe there was a decent way to serve up sonics for a session short of just throwing down the 12” of Legend by Clannad, turning to side B halfway through and then doing the same with Gryphon by Gryphon (both of these are bangers however). But if you have a smart speaker by the kitchen-table you’re sorted, the latest generations have surprisingly good audio, it’s not top end but as a background it’s ample.

Take some time during your prep to be sure of your volumes (better to start quiet and then lift it a little if needed) and ensure that the link between your smart speaker and the Wi-Fi and back to your device is solid, there’s nothing more scene-breaking than faffing about with tech.

I like to spend as little time looking at screens as humanly possible whilst playing but tablets and phones are ridiculously useful for looking up obscure rules and such so I try to keep the music on a separate device, even the cheapest tablet can handle Spotify duties.

You may wish to deputise a player to look after this for you if you’re too busy, let them DJ it. This takes a lot of trust… but if you can agree milestones it can work.

Make your own sub-playlists for the moods you wish to instil and curate and label them as carefully as you can in your account, this serves several purposes:

  • 1 mood/location per list means no unfortunate queuing up of the fight music when you’re peacefully strutting about in the elven woods
  • They can be looped to keep continuity no matter how long the area runs
  • They will start to form the basis of a personalised collection, this means you can come back to them if you ever revisit an area, it’s amazing if you can tie a theme to an adventure

A snap of my own sub-lists:

If you can pen your night’s adventure at the same time as listening to the pieces you will benefit not only from an emotional enhancement as you write but it will jog your memory later.

There we go, not a lot of playlists in this update but it hopefully shares some of the techniques I use to implement. Comments are open for any questions or ideas.

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